Gracious Samaritan Philippines, Inc. (GSPI)  is a non-profit, community based, SEC-registered organization serving, helping, and teaching widows and orphans in the Philippines.

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Our Vision

GSPI envisions a social environment wherein disadvantaged, abandoned,  neglected, or abused children and women can have the benefit of personal self-improvement, physical and social support and well-being. We strive to  ensure meaningful opportunities to contribute their individual talents and potential to their community, sharing in the over-all development of society within the ideals of Christian love and social justice. Ultimately, it is our hope that the beneficiaries of GSPI and their extended families can enjoy  a lifetime of experiences that enable them to live in a community that upholds mutual respect and human dignity.

Our Mission

The GSPI mission is to work in concert with the humanitarian commitment and democratic principles we hold as our guiding torch.  We  therefore primarily undertake programs to respond to

the needs of disadvantaged children of the Philippines for education and 

improvements in health and nutrition.

Secondarily, we seek to launch projects that provide women and children’s guardians with some means of livelihood to ameliorate their economic conditions. We consider it our sacred mission to uplift their general disadvantaged station, economically

and socially, while also raising their morale, individually and collectively.

Our Goals

Gracious Samaritan Philippines, Inc., pursues with determination the necessary conditions to ensure the provision of essential school needs of children from  kindergarten  through high school (K-12).


To improve health conditions, our plan is to arrange regular, free medical and dental 

missions. In addition, to provide for nutritional needs, our goal is to  provide essential  vitamins and other food supplements, along with a projected feeding program, especially among kindergarten and primary age students.

Likewise, GSPI strives to facilitate livelihood projects for the women and guardians who are in dire financial straits in order to assist with the well-being and welfare of the children in their care. 


All these goals can be realized by the sheer enthusiasm and commitment of GSPI  members, through partnerships with other like-minded individuals and groups, and also through our various fund-sourcing activities.


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