Specialty Plays

Prodigal Son Presentation Photos

Aldrin in the title role  of the prodigal son, at right,  and the father Liberaldo played by Franz, in an opening act. They are both professional theater actors and helped with the workshops for kids. They belong to a local theater group called Sining Tuburan.

Pictured at right is one of GSPI's beneficiaries,  Janna, who played the role of Clemen, the mother. Together with the other cast they underwent successive training and workshop.

The cast, staff and few of the audiences, all smiles after the successful presentation.

Attorney Joel Mahinay, one of our board members gives his speech on talent and skills development.

Following the presentation, GSPI partner-donor Arthur Ong gives us feedback on the play and appreciation to the cast.

Lukas 15

A short play based on the story of the Good Samaritan



Projection on Screen:

Title of the Play – LUKAS 10. . . to be followed by

Jesus in a “mime” depicting him doing sermons before large

crowd of people (movers) . . .


Once upon a time
In the time of Jesus
A time when the world
Was sliced into contradictions—
Contradiction between Good and Evil
Between those who walked the righteous paths
And those who strayed in evil’s dark ways.

And so in every moment’s golden chance
Jesus carved the road to be followed by everyone.
He said, “I am the Way, the Truth, the Life;
He who follows me shall have everlasting life”.
This was kept at heart by his worthy disciples
Who scattered his words to all of humankind.

And big multitudes rallied behind Jesus
In deserts, mountains, valleys and plains.
Wherever on earth’s corners his feet trod
Some faithfuls picked up the sparkling grains
Of his words strewn in golden parables.

Some grains fell on fertile soil, sown
As seedlings on sensitive hearts and souls,
And readily sprouted and grew into sturdy plants,
Their fragrant blossoms and delicious fruits
Became the font of righteousness on the Land,
Veritable marks of admirable exemplary life.

But there were those that fell on hard stony soil,
Which very soon dried up and wrinkled lifeless.
And some got lost in the thick clumps of grasses,
Choked by creeping vines of vicious practices,
They couldn’t survive the venom of evil ways,
Were soon denied life’s juice and gracious love.

And the words that sank on muddy soil, bereft
Of the air of illustrious deeds didn’t last long,
Perished in unworthy ways into life’s miseries.


The hours I spend with thee dear Lord
Are as a string of pearls to me
I count them one by one until the end
My rosary . . .my rosary

The memorable hours I daily spend
Are as a string of pearls to me
In communion with the oppressed masses
The real bond of Christian love—
To love thy neighbor as thy self.


MUSIC CONTINUES UNDER as Jesus enters followed by crowd of movers,

stays on an elevation on stage. . .


(Steps aside from the crowd . ..goes up near Jesus. . .He carries a scroll)

Master! What shall I do to have everlasting life?


You are an educated person. What does the Scripture say?

How do you read the scripture?


(Unrolling the scroll, he reads it aloud) It says here...Love the Lord
your God with all your heart, with all your soul, . .with all of your
strength, . .with all of your thoughts. And love your neighbor as you love



(Claps his hands) You have answered correctly my question. Now

therefore. . .Go and do what it says, and you will live.



(Nods and turns his face knowingly towards the audience. . .but then
some thought seems to occur in his head, and quickly turns to Jesus . . .)
Master, who is my neighbor?


A man went down on the road from Jerusalem to Jericho. . .

(Theatre darkens. . .)





A man enters carrying a traveling bag. He is in a jaunty mood, as he
whistles a tune along the way. At the middle of the downstage portion, he
was suddenly attacked by three men armed with knives and sticks.
Mauling him to unconsciousness, they stripped him of his clothes, took
away his traveling bag, and left him virtually half-dead on the ‘upstage’
part . . . )


The entire action on stage will be provided with suitable sound and
lighting effects . . .followed by some seconds of disturbing silence to
highlight the impact of the ‘cruel act’.

(Then enters a man with a priestly garb... upon seeing the victim he
quickly sidesteps to keep away from him. He is obviously scared,
mumbles a few words. . .)


Soaked in blood and dirt. . .!? O, I can’t get near him and get my clean
hands defiled. . .I ‘ve just performed my sacred rites at the temple! I
shouldn’t tarry a minute. . .! (walks away half-running. . .)
(After a while, a Levi enters. . . does his act same way.)



Waz dat? Oh, I’ll never get near you! You’re just faking ! How do I
know if you’re a vile bandit yourself? Or. . . oh, might the bandits are just
behind the bushes?! I must hurry away! I have no time for you!
(Runs away. . .)



Guitar or Sax or Flute Instrumental of “Lusay, Asa ka Padulong”. . .then

the song by the CHOIR:

Lord God, what shall I do
In my life’s journey in life?
Lord, where is the righteous path
For me to travel by in this world?
We should never forget to commune
With the poor and the oppressed
It’s the core principle of living--
Of man’s life sojourn in this world.

Theatre dims. . .music continues. . . is sustained until stage lights up for . . .



(Enters the Samaritan. Visibly moved by what he sees. . .he hurriedly kneels beside the
robbery victim, fortrightly and with heartfelt compassion, he caringly
treats the wounds with oil and wine and wraps the victim with clean


How pitiful. . .! O my God, what vileness and sheer cruelty!
I have here some herbal oil and wine. This would be good for his
wounds and bruises. . .my God! (Victim groans in agonizing
pain...) Breath. . . breathe deeply, my friend. . . Please, endure
the pain, you’ll be all right. . .Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you,
my friend. . .


On the screen will be projected he painting of classical artist Jan
Wijnants. After 20 seconds, it will be replaced by Aimee Morot’s painting onscreen . . .
SAMARITAN: (Sets the victim on his donkey. .) I’ll take you to the nearest lodging
house...so that you can be taken care of and you’ll get well and
recover your strength. . .
At the traveller’s inn . . .Rembrandt’s painting onscreen. . .


You are the owner of this inn, right? Take care of him. Here are
two dinars.. .if ever you spend more than this, I will pay you as
soon as I come back. Okay?

(Theatre darkens gradually. . .Sax or flute Instrumental FULL VOLUME of “The Hours I
Spend With Thee Dear Lord”. . .FADE UNDER for the song by the

The hours I spend with thee, dear Lord
Are as a string of pearls to me
I count them one by one until the end
My rosary . . . my rosary
The memorable hours I daily spend
Are as a string of pearls to me
In communion with the oppressed masses
The real bond of Christian love—
To love thy neighbor as thy self.



(Scene is similar to -- or a continuation of -- Scene One: Jesus and crowd)


(Addresses Lawyer ) Now. . .who among the three, do you think,
is the neighbor of the robbery victim?



The one who manifests compassion to the victim.


Go ! And do the same thing!


Give us this day

To see thy guiding light above
Give us his day
To share thy grace with those we love
Come tonight, this peaceful night
Singingly we pray in faithfulness
For giving us this day
Give us this day
To show thy way to everyone
Give us this day
And thy commandments shall be done
Come tonight, this peaceful night
Singingly we pray in faithfulness
For giving us this day
Give us this day
The grace we need for our daily life
Show us the way
The road we’ll take in our life’s journey
Keep us away from the devil’s snare
And fortify our love for the oppressed
And the poor masses.