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GSPI Celebrates the Holidays with Games, Contests, a Play, and Awards

From December 16 to 21, the beneficiaries and staff of GSPI conducted house-to-house caroling in the Davao City neighborhood of our headquarters, extending the joy of Christmas to all in songs and merriment. A communal sharing of foods highlighted lunch and dinner.

Activities included mounting a playlet adapted from the bible story, “The Good Samaritan”, and conducting parlor games, dances, and competitive group caroling for the children and their foster parents. GSPI distributed gifts to beneficiaries, and gave awards to winners of the group dance and song contests.

Additionally, we awarded prizes to students who garnered top honors and/or academic achievements in their schooling.

December 26 witnessed awarding modest seed money for proposed livelihood projects for the most needy among the guardians registered with GSPI.

December 28 marked a gift-giving activity as a gesture of humanitarian love and concern in the spirit of Christmas by dentist Elaine Joy Maganda Tiaga, DDS., and her brother Dexter Jay Maganda for GSPI”s children.

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